Trekking Essentials: Things to Carry in a Trek

essential things to carry in a trek

What things to carry for 4-6 day trek in big trekking bag( carried by mule)

  • 2-3 trek pants: one Forclaz 500 trek pant can easily work for 2-3 days. It is water resistant
  • 3 full sleeve collared t-shirt: full sleeves and collars will protect from direct sunlight (UV at high altitude) and wind
  • 1 pair of thermals, 1 woolen sweater ( do layering if required)
  • (No of days + 1) sports socks. 1 woolen sock for night( if camping in snow)
  • Wet wipes (pack of 10): better than just toilet paper. Trust me you don’t want to put that cold water on your bums (unless you like thrill)
  • LED Torch battery
  • Slippers (for walking around campsite)
  • Toiletries
  • Camera batteries/ sd card/power bank (make sure you charge you camera/phone in tent and have enough memory space for the next day)


items in backpack
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What things to carry in small trekking daypack : 30-40L(carried by self)- keep it below 2Kg excluding water

  • 2- one liter bottles or 2 liter hydration pack (approx 1L of water is 1Kg. As you go on drinking water, backpack weight decreases)
  • 1 fleece jacket-  Not required during walking as body produces lot of heat. Not required even while walking in snow. Only required to protect from wind.
  • Ponchobackpack rain cover
  • Gloves: not required while walking even on snow. But some treks have snow slides. useful there.
  • 1 pair of sock: it might rain or socks can get wet cause of any other reason. Good idea to have an extra pair in the daypack
  • 1 day cap, woolen monkey cap/balaclava (able to cover ears). But don’t cover ears while ascending. Open ears help in acclimatizing
  • 1 extra prescription glasses, 1 sunglasses (black, green, blues): UV rays can cause snow blindness and even affect the eye on normal terrain
  • 1 light towel (carry 1 between two people)
  • Leak proof tiffin box( 2 compartments: roti & vegetable), a spoon and a mug(get a 500 ml glass. It will also help in filling your hydration pack from river)
  • Wet wipes (pack of 10): better than just toilet paper
  • Small repair kit (safety pins, needle, a spool of thread, string) (and some creative mind- both my specs broke. Trek lead made temporary glasses by tying thread to glass)
  • Head Lamp/Head Torch– mostly needed at night while going to toilet. Also, see it has strap. You can hang it inside your tent. But most important thing for a night trek
  • Medical kit ( carry one between 2 people)
  • Selfie stick, camera[SK1] 

You would need to carry a 60-90L backpack if you want to carry all the weight


When you go out for shopping the items, you may need a downloaded copy of items to get.