Rent Waterproof Trekking Gloves

Rent: Rs 65/day

MRP Rs 2000


  • Waterproof 
  • Warm & soft 
  • User Comfort: Preshaped to ensure good grip and optimal user comfort 
  • Higher freedom of movement as slightly preformed gloves for more easily gripping the pole. 
  • Adjustable tightening strap
  • Hand-clamp strap
  • Pull-strap
  • 100% Original & Hygienic Products
  • Free Shipping Across India
  • Easy Return Policy
  • Easy payment
  • Delivery Time: 4-5 days


Hands, Feet, Nose, Ears – basically the pointy ends of our body are the 1st to become cold and the ends from where cold spreads throughout the body. So, it is very important to keep hands warm all the time. Our Waterproof Trekking Gloves provides the ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures while providing utmost comfort and ease of use. They have been tested to work in sub-zero temperatures(till -5 deg Celcius). If the temperature falls below -5 deg Cel (as the case in Chadar trek) then two-layering may be required, where the Waterproof Trekking Gloves function as an outer waterproof layer


You don’t want your hands to get wet in already cold conditions. Waterproof trekking gloves are water and snow resistant. They are water resistant till the upper palm area(starting of the wrist). You can even wash dishes while wearing these gloves and avoid hand-chill.


It has a grip on its finger area to give you an added advantage while holding small objects which would otherwise slip in normal gloves.

Ease Of Use

One must be thinking that how can gloves be user-friendly or unfriendly. In a normal scenario, normal gloves work just fine. But on a trek, a well-engineered glove makes a big difference. To make them user-friendly, these gloves have large & broad velcro tightening straps, hand-clamp straps, pull-straps.

Tightening Straps

It becomes difficult to catch the tightening strap of one hand when you already have a glove on your other hand. This is the time when a large & broad tightening strap shows its value.

Hand-Clamp Straps

When you want to remove the gloves for taking a picture/opening your backpack to remove something or while holding the dinner plate, the gloves are either thrown on the ground or pushed in some jacket pocket. But, if you have used your hand clamps, then you can just remove the gloves and they would still be hanging by your hand till you need them.


It is difficult to pull your gloves when your fingers are frozen in sub-zero temperatures. Catch the pull-strap with one finger and easily pull the strap hence pulling the gloves.


They are extremely soft from the inside providing the utmost comfort

Waterproof Trekking Gloves provides multiple strap options to increase comfort and provide ease of use
  • Use the tightening strap & adjust the glove as per wrist size.
    • But don't make it very tight. It should feel comfortable.
    • The broad & large tightening straps can be adjusted on one hand even when you have a glove on the other hand.
    • No need to use your mouth to pull open the strap
  •  Use the hand-clamp strap around your wrist so that glove does not fall when you remove it for taking pictures, hold dinner plate, etc.
    • No need to search where the glove went in the dark after it was removed.
  • Use the pull-strap to pull the glove onto your hand even when you have a glove on the other hand.
    • This is very useful when your fingers are already frozen as pulling your glove with frozen fingers is a difficult task
  • Thermal insulation:150 g wadding/sq metre. 
  • Microfleece lining. 
  • Outer fabric: 100% synthetic 
  • Outer water-repellent fabric( 2,000 mm waterproof coating) 
  • Novadry insert is waterproof and breathable for a stress-free experience 


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