Rent Warmee Body & Hand Warmer

Rent: Rs 15/day


  • Open – Shake – Use. No battery/electricity required
  • Keeps you warm for 8 hours
  • Works even at -30 degree Celsius
  • Absorbs moisture from socks if kept near feet during sleeping
  • 100% safe & natural ingredients  


Hand/Toe Warmee also available on request

  • 100% Original & Hygienic Products
  • Free Shipping Across India
  • Easy Return Policy
  • Easy payment
  • Delivery Time: 4-5 days


Convert those extremely cold nights in the sleeping bag into a warm cosy feeling by using Warmee Sachet. Warmee Body & Hand Warmer is a handy self-heating pouch that gives instant heat once it is opened out of the wrapper. Just open the sachet, shake for 30 seconds and keep in the sleeping bag.  It requires no electricity, no oven or hot water to heat up. Once it reaches its optimum temperature in 15-25 minutes, it will stay at that temperature for 8 hours+

Rent one sachet for Rs.15/day. Usage charges: Rs. 120


Ideally, use it only when it is extremely cold and the jackets you took are insufficient to keep you warm
  1. Open the pack: You can open it with your hands. No need to use a scissor. You will find a grey sachet (like a big tea bag)
  2. Shake it: shake it vigorously for 30 seconds - 1 minute
  3. Keep it inside the sleeping bag. You can place it near your feet/torso. Be sure not to keep it in direct contact with the skin. It can become really hot while you are sleeping and can cause small burns on the skin
  4. It takes 15-25min to become completely warm. So, you can place it in the sleeping bag before you go for dinner. When you return to your tent, your bag will be warm and cozy Winter Trek Click Here: Winter Trek
Ingredients: Iron, salt, water, activated carbon, moisture absorber, vermiculite


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