Rent Quechua Head Torch-80 Lumens

Rent: Rs 45/day

MRP Rs 700


  • 3 lighting modes: red (flash for emergency), standard white, high beam white
  • Water & Snow -resistant
  • Easy to handle with gloves on
  • Adjustable strap for every head size.
  • Also can be mounted on wrist
  • Light weight, compact, easy to use.
  • Good battery life.
  • 100% Original & Hygienic Products
  • Free Shipping Across India
  • Easy Return Policy
  • Easy payment
  • Delivery Time: 4-5 days


A great headlamp must be able to survive the harsh trekking conditions that we usually deal with. It must be able to last the rigours of everyday use for a prolonged period. Quechua Head Torch – 80 Lumens is made for hiking and for lighting up your way. This is a versatile, easy to use and comfortable headlamp. Its soft cover protects it from shocks and water. Works on two AAA batteries. Extra batteries would be supplied with this torch.



While most headlamps have fancy straps, the buckles and elastic are often a cause for concern. But  Quechua Head Torch – 80 Lumens has head-straps that provide additional stability. It can be worn over a balaclava or a woollen cap easily.


Headlamp Light Output

This is perhaps the most important aspect of a headlamp. Most headlamps have poor light output. The light looks fine when you check it at the store, but on a trek, you find it is not bright enough. Some headlamps are bright but they don’t throw light too far.

Quechua Head Torch – 80 Lumens delivers 80 lumens of light, which provide enough light to see over a distance of 60 meters(200 feet).

So you can use it not only while having your dinner, attending to nature’s call at night but also for night trekking. They have been successfully tested on moderate treks like Har Ki Doon – Kedarkantha, medium difficulty treks like Roopkund-Goechala(summit trek starts at night 3 am) and on difficult treks like Stok Kangri.


Different Light Modes

There are 3 lighting modes: Red (flash for emergency), standard white, high beam white

Red Light

The red light is used because it does not shrink your pupils, which makes a big difference in seeing things beyond the zone of light. With a white light, trekkers often trip on the guy wires of a tent or fail to see movement outside the white light zone. Use the red light if you are picking up your dinner, washing your plates or attending natures call at night. Red light also saves an enormous amount of battery.

Standard White

Use standard white when you are out of your tent in the dark. Use it for your night adventure strolls around your campsite.

High Beam White

Use while you are trekking at night for higher clarity.



Works on two AAA batteries. Extra batteries would be supplied with this torch.


Water & Snow Resistance

It has been tested in rains and snow and has been proved to be resistant to them. Its rubber body does not allow rainwater to seep into the electrical components


Quechua Head Torch - 80 Lumens is the easiest headtorch to use. It has only 1 button. Click it to switch between: On/Off -> Red ->White Standard Beam -> White High Intensity Beam


The headlamp has 3 modes suited to every situation: - Red mode to flash during an emergency or while maintaining night vision- Eco mode when walking or in the bivouac - Strong mode when hiking on paths BATTERY TYPE  Operates with 2 LR03-AAA batteries (supplied)


The wide beam of the headlamp allows the light to spread uniformly making it easy to see in front and to the sides


Classic LED lighting provisions gradually fade where batteries are low on charge in order to save power.


One-piece construction for excellent compactness. The flexible SEBS casing provides simple access to the batteries whilst protecting the headlamp from impact and rain. The switch is designed to be easy to handle with mittens on whilst avoiding random lighting when in your bag.


80 g


Detachable and washable band. Composition: 70% polyester and 30% natural rubber for maximum comfort. The two symmetric buckles make it fastening easier. The headlamp adapts to fit all heads, from those of children to adults, as well as mountain helmets.


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